Sammy Park / 박세민

A photographer based in Seoul, South Korea  
Director, Space Yieodo (2024 Project in Kyoto, Japan)

Sammy Park is a multifaceted artist who serves as the director of Space YIEODO, as well as a photographer and video producer. The artist, who has built a diverse career while traveling between Korea and Sydney, chooses to become a stranger in the place where he was born and raised and explores diasporic movements. His work primarily focuses on the boundaries between nature, society, and individuals, capturing the various movements and boundaries that define our world through observation and reflection. His education includes a Master's from the University of Western Sydney (2009) and a Bachelor's from Kyungwon University (2003). Park's work spans solo and group exhibitions in Seoul, Busan, and internationally, and he currently works between Japan, Thailand, and Korea, along with Space YIEODO. 

Solo Exhibition, 17th May - 31st May, 2024, Space Yieodo, Kyoto, Japan
Group Exhibition, Mar, 2022, 생각하는 사진, 류가헌 
Group Exhibition, Mar, 2021, 생각하는 사진, 류가헌
Group Exhibition, Dec. 2017, 'ReSeePic' Photobook Exhibition, Oki Photography Gallery Cafe, Seoul, Korea
Solo Exhibition, Nov. 23rd - Dec. 4th 2017, 'The Small Picture' Oki Photography Gallery Cafe, Seoul, Korea
Group Exhibition, 2014 International Architecture & Urban Digital Photo Competition, Busan City Hall, (국제건축도시디지털사진전, 부산시청)
Group Exhibition, 2014 ACP PhotoStart, Australia Centre for Photography

2014 International Architecture & Urban Digital Photo Competition /Korean Institute of Architects Busan Branch : Bronze Prize
(국제건축도시디지털사진전 / 한국건축가협회 부산건축가회: 동상)


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